Birth Journey

 Includes a consultation to get to know one another, answer your questions about birth photography, & discuss your birth vision, and if you decide I am the birth photographer for you...


 - Coverage of your labor & birth, plus 1-2 hours after delivery to capture those first moments with baby (around 5 hours)

 - Birth announcement image sent to you within 24 hours of birth for social media  (3-5 photos)

 - All of your artistically edited digital images with printing rights (usually 100 images)
 - An online password protected gallery for downloading images, ordering professional prints & products, and sharing with friends & family


Labor & delivery photography begins at $400 for about 5 hours and additional time/travel cost if necessary.


*Because I only take 1-2 birth clients per month, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your estimated due date for birth photography services. Remaining balance is due at 40 weeks.


Births are unpredictable, even with scheduled births, so always be prepared for anything! Natural births can turn into cesarean sections in moments.  Inductions can turn into unexpected labor.  Birth can be in a hospital room, a birthing tub at home, or in the operating room. Babies can take only minutes to be born or can take literally days!


My birth story session includes full coverage of your birth journey, beginning with active labor and ending after the birth of your baby, capturing everything from your journey through labor to baby's first breath, first latch, and first cry.


I will be available to you on call 24/7 from confirmed labor until your new baby arrives. Contact me and we will chat about full details! Secure your birth session with me early in your pregnancy in order to reserve your date in my calendar. I take a limited number of birth sessions per month in order to ensure that I am available for every birth! Expected turn around for completed editing is 2-3 weeks.


Birth Session Info:

1. When to call - I say call even if there is an inkling of labor.  Better to call with a false alarm than to miss the birth! Also call again when active labor is confirmed (typically once at hospital and at around 5-6cm).

Doctor/Hospital Guidelines - All physicians and hospitals are different.  You have to have conversations with both (and relay the information) to ensure they are ok with having a photographer present and if there are any restrictions (such as no photography at certain stages of labor or in the operating room).

What you want - Images of something specific (like siblings, cord cutting, etc) make those known so that if the opportunity presents itself and you are able to capture them while also understanding the unpredictability of birth may prevent that from happening.

Back up plan - For anything that prevents me from making the birth, your $200 deposit will cover a full Fresh 48 session at the hospital, birthing center, or home. Another opportunity to document baby's first days without the full labor experience.


As a family looking to hire a photographer to attend your birth, you should expect to compensate the one you hire.  I always tell potential clients (especially those who may have "sticker shock" after learning the price of my birth photography sessions) that photographing a birth is almost identical to shooting a wedding with the exception of not knowing the date or time expected to be there.  When I book weddings, the couple says to me be there on this date and for X amount of hours.  It's set in stone in the contract.  Sure, changes can be made, but I know on that date I will be gone from my home for that certain amount of time.  However with births, you can never really know when and for how long you'll be needed.