Personal Branding

If you're a small business, blogger, artist, or anyone looking to reach their audience, I'm here to bridge the gap.


You've been working hard to grow your brand, now let's create some quality photography to show off your style & personality.


You know how important it is to have photos that represent your brand, and it's more than a great profile pic. 

You need lots of content to spread across several platforms.

Transformation. Bold moves. Limitless possibilities.


Personal Branding + Lifestyle Photography

 for businesses, entrepreneurs, & influencers...


Telling the story of your brand through magazine-quality photos and making you feel at home in your skin, 

so your followers can connect with your authentic personality. 

I photograph clients who invest in beautiful images for their website, social media platforms, & other marketing.

From content creators who always need more photos, to those with key projects, launches, & re-branding. 



Personal Brand Photography includes:


- Consultation call to style the story of your brand & plan your photo shoot.


- Editorial plan to capture up to 3 'stories' each with a unique location and look.


- High resolution digital images ready to use for your website, social media, & blog.




Personal Brand Packages



3 stories + 100 photos



2 stories + 60 photos



1 story + 30 photos