How long do sessions last?

An hour or 2 for basic sessions, babies & children can take longer. Mini sessions are about 30 minutes. 
I will wait no longer than 20 minutes after the contracted time of the session to begin, after that your session is cancelled & fee will not be refunded. If you arrive late, that amount of time comes out of your session.

Where is the photo session?

The location of the photo session is up to you, ideally I prefer to use natural, available light, almost always outdoors & allowing time permits, 2 locations. Newborn photo sessions can be held within the comfort of your own home. Babies & small children can also have sessions at my home studio.


What to bring? 

Outfit changes, a drink, any props you'd like to be included.


When/how will I receive my images?

3-4 weeks after your session, I will have your images ready in an online gallery that you can download from with a PIN. Pictures will be professionally edited, color corrected (if needed), some offered in black & white and all in high resolution. I will usually post a sneak peek photo of the session on my website and/or Facebook page within a few days of your session. You will receive a print release for all of the photos. This allows you the freedom to make prints from anywhere.


Do you offer prints?

Yes! The session fee does not include prints. Your package does include digital images with a print release. If you are interested in having prints, canvases or albums made I am happy to help you with that. I do order prints from outside professional printers and vendors.


When should I book a session?

Book any session at least 2-4 weeks in advance.

Maternity - Usually during the 6th & 7th month of pregnancy, early in the 3rd trimester.
Newborns - From 5 to 10 days old, when they are still very sleepy and easiest to pose, this requires booking around the end of your second trimester. We'll work off your estimated due date, but the MOST important thing is to book while you are still pregnant.

Senior - Some schools require photos early in the school year, so best schedule the summer before senior year.
Birth, Fresh 48, Weddings - book as soon as possible.


Do you offer reshoots?

Yes and No. If a child is particularly fussy, gets sick during the session, or is having an off day, I will let you know if we should just call it a day and try again later. Normally, we can judge this within the first 10-15 minutes of the session. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, then we will reschedule on the next available date. If the rain is light and bearable and your family doesn’t mind getting a tiny bit wet, then we can plan for a fun raincoat & boots session!


What equipment do you use?

Canon 70D & 80D DSLR cameras & various lenses.


What do you to edit photos?

Adobe Photoshop CS6


What is retouching/enhancement?

My approach to editing is simple & I like to keep the images as natural as possible.

Enhancements may include minimal skin/blemish retouching, color adjustment, and stylistic embellishments to enhance a photograph.