Session Info


Maternity sessions are best done between 32-36 weeks. Maternity sessions can be anything you like, outdoor, studio, milk bath, boudoir etc. This is your special time. I will get tummy, mom, dad, siblings, entire family, whatever you would like to make your photos perfect! If children will be in the picture, be sure to have an adult that can take the children to play outside (or away from the photo shoot) so we can get the best pictures of you and tummy. We need you relaxed, comfortable and happy! You can bring as many wardrobe changes as you like. Form fitting dresses will show off your baby bump, long flowing dresses are equally as beautiful, jeans (without tummy panel) and shirts that can be unbuttoned work well. Bring whatever you are most comfortable in. Any special props you would like to bring, I can incorporate those into your session like nursery items, sonogram pictures... whatever you would like to include.



Births are unpredictable, even with scheduled births, so always be prepared for anything! Natural births can turn into c-sections in moments.  Inductions can turn into unexpected labor.  Birth can in a hospital room lit only by twinkle lights, a birthing tub at home, or in the operating room. Babies can take only minutes to be born or can take literally days!


Fresh 48

Having a baby is one of the most important days is a new parent’s life.  It’s so important that some parents jump at the opportunity to have a photographer present to document those first moments after arrival.  Known as a “First 48” or a “Fresh 48” session, this is a perfect way to capture that brand newness of a newborn in the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth. How soon or how late would you like me to arrive at the hospital during that first 48 hours, and do you have any particular moments that you would really like captured? If you deliver in the middle of the night, do you still want me coming right after to photograph or would you prefer I arrive first thing in the morning?  Natural daylight is preferable to artificial hospital lighting! Fresh 48 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to document all the details. We can capture baby's first portrait, daddy & baby, skin to skin, & your first family portrait! This is a precious opportunity to create art from moments that fly by.   I stay for about an hour and capture those tiny details and the beginnings of bonding with baby.  Often times, this is when siblings and grandparents come to meet the new baby.  It's always a room full of love and smiles.



Newborns are photographed in the first 2 weeks after birth, when they are still very sleepy and easiest to pose. (This requires booking around the end of your second trimester, months in advance.) Sessions take 2.5 to 3 hours to include feeding, changing, fussiness.


Babies & Children

Don't forget about all those milestones! Sitting, walking, 1st birthday, any birthday! Children change so fast... let me help you capture every special moment.



We'll have fun (even Dad will enjoy it!) and I'll get a lot of great images that you are sure to love. My goal is for you to have a fun, relaxing time - we won't be rushed. I'll get some "posed" pictures, but I also love to get the shots of you just having fun with each other. It's best if the family coordinates. Neutrals with a pop of the same color on each person work great. Feel free to bring any props that are important to your family, bottled water, snacks for the kids - anything to make your family more comfortable. I can choose a location, or if you have a special place in mind, we can have the session there as well. We'll get pictures of the kids, the entire family, just mom and dad, dad and the kids, mom and the kids.



Seniors sessions are fun for wardrobe changes &  don't forget accessories, & any props that you would like to include. Dance shoes, football, car, formal dress, anything to do with any hobbies! Feel free to bring a friend to cheer you on & help you feel comfortable. Worried about blemishes? No need! Those will be smoothed out in editing. Just come, be comfortable and have fun. We will have fun and get a lot of great shots!



Engagement sessions are personal and we really want them to reflect your personality as a couple. If you are hiring a professional makeup artist or hairstylist for your wedding, the day of your engagement session is perfect for a trial run. There will be as much cuddling and kissing as you want, be candid and have fun with each other. Remember, you'll want to schedule your engagement session in plenty of time to have the images for your save-the-date cards.



Capture your sexiness, celebrate your true beauty. Treat your significant other to an incredible gift, birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day or Christmas. Bridal boudoir sessions are a perfect gift for the groom, & expectant mothers can capture this sensual time. 



My theory is that wedding photography should be simple and capture the romance and reality of love. I'm always grateful to be a part of a couple's big day! My aim is to capture the personality and connection between the bride and groom, and preserve all the memories, big and small. There are an array of options when it comes to wedding photography, first you'll want to decide what you want included in your package... engagement portraits, bridal shots, save-the-dates, the bridal shower, the rehearsal, invitations and programs, and even a boudoir shot.

Basic wedding package includes:

- Getting Ready

- Bridal Party
- Groomsmen
- Ceremony
- Family
- Wedding Party
- The Happy Couple
- Reception


Make a Pinterest board for inspiration.

Wear solid colors, similar color scheme/tones.
Think about the season and the weather.
Brighter the colors, the brighter the session,
though most people look best in darker colors.
Consider wearing contacts to avoid a glare on your lenses.
Remember shoes are important for style and comfort.
Personalize props, themes, incorporate a story into the session.
Bring a friend for moral support and a second pair of eyes.
Get enough sleep and be on time!



Paint nails. (glossy or color)

Choose comfortable hairstyle and clothing/shoes.

Bring makeup, brush and hairspray for touchups.



If getting a hair cut, do it about a week before your session.

A fresh shave is always flattering.